YAKIMA, Wa -  Eisenhower High School has temporarily stopped its Environmental Club from watching the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth."

It's a film featuring former vice-president Al Gore, who talks about global warming issues facing our planet.

The school says the decision is not politically motivated.  They are just following policy from the Yakima School District.

Principal Stacey Locke says they are required to approve all materials that are outside the normal classroom curriculum, or they consider to be a controversial issues.

"This movie is a controversial issue." says Locke, "Anytime you have a controversial issue, you have to present opposing view points.  We need not support only one side of the issue.  This movie has one side of the issue." 

Locke says if the film is approved, they'll have to come up with materials to represent opposing views points to students.

The school's Instructional Materials Committee will decide whether the Environmental Club can watch the film.  Their next meeting is scheduled for February 7th.

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