KENNEWICK, WA - Well its that time of the season to break out those ice scrappers in the back of your closet and wake up earlier to go defrost your car.

"When you get your car in the morning we need you to clear all of the windows before you start down the road way and get around other vehicles and make lane changes and do other things" said Chris Thorson District 3 Trooper Washington State Patrol.
WSP says because most people don't scrape all their windows this could be potentially dangerous while driving.
"What we're seeing is people will just be scrapping a little box so they can just visually see out the front window and do nothing else but you need to have all the windows clear" said Thorson.
By scrapping the ice off of your car properly you would have to scrape all of the car windows, including the side ones in order to have a 360 view.
But people need to remember if they are going to defrost their car and leave it running...
"You have to stay with your vehicle, don't leave it out in the parking lot of your apartment complex or house unlocked and running because it happens every year here your car might be stolen" said Thorson.
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