Selah Community Days

SELAH, WA - The town of Selah is getting ready for a weekend full of fun.

Since 1937 the town has been putting together Selah Community Days, and this year they're celebrating a birthday.

"Well this year Selah Community Days is celebrating it's 100th birthday," said Barb Petrea, Selah Community Days Association President.

The weekend is jam packed with tons of actives like, "Tomorrow the grand parade is at 10, and then after that we have so many dances happening on the stage as well as Buckin' A and Wiseblood are going to be on and then of course the you know the fireworks at 9:45," said Petrea.

There will also be a fair going on. Tons of local and nearby vendors come back with nothing but the best.

"Our barbecue beef sandwiches are kind've famous at the fair," said Garrett Gress, Young Life.

Aside from all the food Selah Community Days is all about, "Reconnecting, seeing those families that you haven't seen in a long time, seeing those friends that you graduated with and just reconnecting with them. So it's all about coming home," said Petrea.

When asking why Selah is so special Petrea said, "Selah for me is family."

"Selah is a tight knit community, everybody cares for each other and just a place when you are in Selah you wanna be a part of it," said Gress.

For more information on Selah Community Days click on the link below.

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