Selah Goodwill holds free book event for teachers

SELAH, WA - Next week, students will be heading back to school and hitting those books. For many teachers, it means it's time to prepare their classrooms.

This weekend, Goodwill is helping teachers fill up their libraries.

During the fourth annual free book giveaway, 12,000 books for elementary and middle school teachers will be given away at the Selah Goodwill.

"It can be elementary K through 12, and I know we had quite a few high school teachers last year and they found plenty of books that helped them in their classrooms. There are all types, mainly children's books and we have twelve thousand of them and we're ready," said David Jones, the store and distribution manager.

Jones says last year they were able to help out 150 teachers, and this year they expect to help even more. Each teacher can pick up to 50 books for their classroom library.

They will also be given coupons for classroom shopping at Goodwill and free book coupons to distribute to students.

"Throughout this past year we've gotten great response. They're so appreciative of what we do and again we are more than happy to give back to the community," said Jones.

Jones says this is an opportunity for Goodwill to give back to teachers in the community.

"It's our way of giving back to the community. Our way of saying thank you; it's just one more way of how Goodwill supports the community."

All teachers need to do is bring a valid teacher ID from a public and private institution. The free book event is being held at 503 S 1st St, Selah, WA 98942, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.

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