Selah school starts spending cash prize from national contest

SELAH, Wash. – Robert Lince Elementary and other schools in the Selah School District received the $100,000 they won in a U.S. Cellular contest a few weeks ago and have already started putting the money to good use.

Lince was one of 10 schools across the country to take home the prize in the "Calling All Communities" competition back in February. Leaders behind the five schools in the district teamed up behind the elementary school and decided if they won, they would split the cash equally.

The other four schools are not sure how to spend their share, but Lince has bought a new sound system, a new pull-down screen for movies and presentations, new chairs, and a portable stage.

School leaders say these purchases were only possible because of the money from the contest and they had no plans to buy those items had they not won the cash prize.

Lince estimates it has spent around $10,000, leaving half of its share still to be used. The school hopes to have a few thousand dollars left for next year.

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