PASCO WASH. - A Pasco school bus gets T-boned by a semi this morning...luckily no children were on board.    

The school bus was stopped on East Salt Lake Street, about to turn onto Oregon Ave. when the driver pulled out too soon and a semi heading northbound on Oregon Ave. collided with the bus.

The students who ride the bus were dropped off at Achoa Middle School prior to the accident.

Pasco police are recommending the school district provide additional training to their bus drivers.

"Not to say that the bus drivers were at fault of course, but defensive driving skills are very important to help avoid these in the future," said Stg. Ben Majetich with the Pasco Police Department.

No one has been cited for the accident yet and an investigation is still underway.  

Neither driver was hurt.  

This is the third accident involving a Pasco school bus this year.


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