YAKIMA, WA - An intimate discussion regarding sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace was held at the United Food Commercial Workers Union. In the group were not only workers who are victims, but also Senator Patty Murray.

"Who we really need to listen to is the every average day person who goes to work, is a victim of sexual harassment and doesn't have the protections they need to earn that salary for their family," said Murray.

Murray introduced her Be Heard Act, which stands for Bringing an End to Harassment by Enhancing Accountability and Rejecting Discrimination.

Learning about this act gives Maria Gonzalez who's a victim of sexual harassment, hope.

    "Me siento con esperanza, de terminar con todas las violaciones que vienen haciendo con nosotros, los trabajadores de lecharías."

"I feel hopeful to end with all of the violations that they are doing to us, us workers of dairy factories," said Gonzalez, Former Dairy Worker.

Three other men who work at a dairy factory also shared their stories with Murray.

Gonzalez along with the three men say too much time has passed and the time to fix this is now.

    "Porque es, es demasiado abuso en las lecharías, no queremos que pasen más cosas, pero desgraciadamente siguen pasando, y al diario, el acoso sexual esta al orden del día."

"Because, there's been too much abuse in dairy factories, we don't want this to happen, but unfortunately this keeps happening and on a daily basis, sexual harassment is the order of the day," said Gonzalez.

In response to this Murray explains what she's doing to help workers like Gonzalez.

"I've introduced legislation that will provide protection for people like Maria and so many others who have been victims of sexual harassment and I am working to get it passed in congress but it takes people like Maria to speak up," said Murray.

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