Senator Patty Murray visits Yakima to talk about digital divide

YAKIMA, WA - Nowadays mostly everyone is on the internet, and computers are needed in schools and at most jobs.

So what happens when you don't have access?

Senator Patty Murray visited Yakima to talk about a new bill that would help close what is being called a digital divide.

"Who is impacted the most by digital divide is rural communities, communities of color," said Senator Patty Murray.

While it might seem everyone has access to the internet or computers that's not exactly the case. Senator Murray's new bill is focusing providing access to the internet to all communities.

"People who don't have the skill or the tools, or the access, or the actual infrastructure to do actually do this are falling behind everyday. Communities are doing everything they can, Yakima is working in a number of different ways to help that bridge but we need to take this on because we are losing young people," said Senator Murray.

During the meeting Senator Murray was informed of different programs the community of Yakima has and how people are benefit from them.

Velmescia is someone who grew up went to these centers, as she didn't have her own computer at home.

"It just allows community students to come in here to work on stuff they need to work on develop their skills in things like Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, kind of have those skills before they enter high school," said Velmescia.

Senator Murray says today's meeting taught her the importance of closing the bridge between both sides.

"I talked to so many people who are bright and intelligent and want to succeed but they have a barrier and it's usually poverty or living in a rural community," said Senator Murray.