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WAPATO, WA - Seven Wapato Middle School students are suspected of having ingested an unknown substance causing them to display symptoms of being under the influence of something, the Wapato School District says.

On Wednesday, September 18, four students were sent to the hospital as a precaution and later released, and the three others were released to their families.


The school district says that the students ingested the small tab seen pictured.

"We do not have confirmation of what substance these tabs are laced with, however based on information the District has obtained the symptoms displayed by the students yesterday can often be associated with the ingestion of some type of hallucinogenic," the district said.

The district shared the photos and information with all staff so they can be on the lookout for the tabs or students who may be displaying signs that they may have ingested one of them.

Wapato Middle School administrators also met with the Middle School student body Thursday morning to update them on the situation and to inform and remind them about the dangers of ingesting anything that they don't know from where it came. They also reminded them if they see or hear something they think is threatening to themselves or their classmates to say something to a teacher, administrator, SRO, other law enforcement. etc.

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