WASHINGTON - Stricter state laws for sex offenders start Saturday.

A series of changes were passed by the legislature in March.  Washington has tougher laws against those convicted of looking at child pornography and all 71 sex offenders that live in Benton and Franklin County have to check in with police more often.

Many local parents said they are happy about the changes, but some think it has taken too long.

Others believe there is too much concentration on punishing sex offenders.  Parent of two children, Shelley Dion said, "With help and rehabilitation more good can be done than permanently labeling people who will then have a hard time finding jobs, finding places to live who will feel like they're in a hole that they can't get out of."

Every state throughout the country has a website where residents can look and see where sex offenders live.  Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna implemented the changes and Governor Gregoire signed them into law.

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