Sex offenders in your neighborhood

PASCO, WA - With school back in session, a heads up for parents in Pasco: a level 3 sex offender lives close to three different schools and daycare centers. 

While this is concerning for a lot of parents in the area, legally the Franklin County Sheriff's Office says if a sex offender doesn't have any restrictions on where they live as part of their probation, this is allowed. 

The sex offender in question lives near St. Patrick Children's Center and Preschool, Little Pooh Bear Daycare Center and Pasco High School. 

Parents who live in the neighborhood wonder why they weren't made aware he was living nearby. 

On the other side you have people saying, it's not that simple. Some say despite these offenders' records, they need to live somewhere and this just means parents need to be more vigilant.

To find out if any sex offenders live in your neighborhood, head to There you can search an exact address, or see a list of sex offenders listed in a specific city.