Sherpa's son ready to hike Mount Everest at age 7

RICHLAND, Wash.- Michelle Gregory met her husband Ang Dorjee at the base of Mount Everest. He's a Sherpa and has summited the mountain 15 times.

She says it isn't easy waiting for him to return home from expeditions especially with her two children, Tashi and Karma, who seem to take after their father.

She says, "18 months old, 15 months old. I had to run him. He could run for a half mile. He just had a lot of energy. Hard to keep up with him. Karma too, she's been climbing up here since she was two."

7-year-old Tashi has already climbed parts of Mount Rainier with his dad and says he wants to hike to Mount Everest's base camp next year.

"For him it's because he hears about base camp and his dad's there for 2 1/2 months out of the year so it's sort of being places his dad's been."

Places most people would never dare to go. Dorjee has seen experienced climbers die on Everest.

"I know how dangerous, you know risk your life," says Everest Guide Ang Dorjee Sherpa. He says he guides to give his children more opportunities than he had growing up.

"He can do anything. Teacher or lawyer or whatever he can."

But if Tashi does decide to follow in his father's footstep, Dorjee and Mic elle say they'll do their best to prepare him.

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