skin cancer

RICHLAND,WA - Skin cancer is the deadliest form of cancer and it's the fastest growing. 1 in 5 people have skin cancer, and over the age of 65, 1 in 2 people have it. 

It's Skin Cancer Awareness Month and Dr. Sidney Smith, MD, FAAD says that you need to check your own skin once a month for any abnormalities... then once a year you need your doctor to check it. 


Dermahealth Dermatology is offering free skin screenings for the first 100 people at their location in Richland from 8- 11 on Saturday morning. 

"If we treat it we can save your life, if we don't bad things can happen," say Dr. Smith. 

Now that summer is coming you don't have to avoid the sun altogether, just be smart about it! 

Wear sun protective clothing, avoid the sun during peak hours, and use sunscreen all the time. 

Dr. Smith recommends that you use good quality sunscreen. That means it has zinc or titanium in it. 

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