KENNEWICK, WA - The snow Tri-Cities and Yakima received this Valentine's Weekend did not deter small businesses. Empire Lawncare was booked all weekend snow plowing parking lots and drive ways while Family Home Fashion sold Valentine goods on the side of the street. 

"The pandemic made my business a little slower, so I was happy to know the snow was coming this weekend. The more snow, the more work I will get." said Carlos Ortiz, owner of Enterprise Lawncare.

He and his two sons responded to a call in Kennewick by Family Home Fashion. Family Home Fashion is a small, family-owned business that sells their goods and souvenirs. 

"We had to call Carlos because we got stuck in the snow. We couldn't even drive into the parking lot." said Leilanie Esparza, who family owns Family Home Fashion and used a lot on a side street to sell their goods.

Family Home Fashion usually sells their products at flee markets. However, due to the pandemic, they are having to sell their products on the side walk. 

They sell products for any occasion. This week's products featured packages with stuffed bears, flower vases, and Valentine-themed décor. 

"We usually get about 25 people on average a day buying our stuff. It might be a smaller number now because of the snow but also it's Valentine's Day and people need to buy last minute gifts." said Ortiz.

Even while in the freezing cold and 3 inch snow, Empire Lawncare and Family Home Fashion see this weekend as a perfect business opportunity. 

You can find Family Home Fashion selling their products on the side streets of Kennewick.

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