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HOUSTON, TX - A standing desk can lower your weight, risk of heart disease, help you live longer and boost productivity. 

But they can cost several hundred, if not a thousand dollars. So we looked into alternatives.

Inside Serente Spa, Doctor Richard Harris works to improve clients' wellness. He says there's a reason they say "sitting is the new smoking."

"Getting a combination of that routine exercise plus periodic movement or activity throughout the day is the best combination for overall health," Dr. Harris said.

While not everyone can get their employer to install standing desks, Dr. Harris says walking around the office is the same thing.

"Just get up every 30 minutes and just take a 30-second walk."

Just don't walk to the vending machine.

"If you have little 5  lb weights, then just if you're feeling like you're sitting in a rut at your desk, don't go grab a cookie or coke, grab some weights, pump out a few sets and then go back to your activities. That increased blood flow will help you feel more productive."

And sit up straight.

"We all have terrible posture, right, and so one of the things I made a conscious effort to do the last couple months is improve my posture," Dr. Harris said. "It definitely has helped with my attentiveness when I'm sitting there for a long time, and of course, it's cut down on lower back injuries and pain."

Other ways to stay healthy at work is to drink water throughout the day and don't forget to aim for seven to nine hours of sleep for optimum results.

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