YAKIMA, WA - Since yesterday was National Programmer Day I looked into schools around Yakima that have STEM learning for younger students. At the West Valley Innovation Center the school puts a spin on learning by offering a different style of education when it comes to teaching its students.

"What is exciting is that they can still meet all of their math and their ELA, and their social studies standards and everything else they need to graduate through this particular pathway," said Devina Khan instructional Designer at West Valley Innovation Center.

At the innovation center as a student, you can focus on different subjects you're interested in and choose a pathway.

The innovation center offers pathways to choose from such as computer science and I.T., STEM Engineering, Health Sciences, Robotics, and Agriculture Science.

The center has about 200 students with 25 to 30 students on each pathway.

"As a teacher, I'm constantly driven and they are so excited so it's a win-win for both of us," said Khan. "For me, it's like, wow it's so exciting to see kids so excited and for them, they want to keep producing."

Khan told me knowing the fact that every student has a different way of learning helped West Valley School District create the Innovation Center.

"Everything is not for everybody and there are certain people, certain students who will thrive in this kind of an environment and some students will not," said Khan. "But the students who have chosen to come here have all given us some really great feedback on how they just love coming to school and they feel like they belong here."

Even students who didn't like math before coming to the innovation center are thriving.

"Sometimes they don't even realize that they've met algebra standards because they were so busy creating a game and that required so many different equations to take place but they problem solve and get it done because it's exciting," said Khan.

If you are interested in the West Valley Innovation Center for STEM education, click HERE.