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ZILLAH, WA - A Sticky Budz employee is still recovering at Harborview Medical Center after suffering second- and third-degree burns from a lab explosion and fire. 

Sticky Budz says on Tuesday, July 31, static electricity caused an explosion and fire in the extraction lab at Sticky Budz (MLM Distributing) in Zillah. Employee John Scott, who was working in the lab at the time, suffered second and third degree burns.

Yakima County Fire Department quickly responded and Scott was immediately taken to Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital, and later moved to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle for treatment.

When the fire department arrived, the 40-foot by 60-foot lab building was filled with smoke. Firefighters discovered that pressurized gas cylinders had begun to leak. The small fire was quickly put out.

MLM Distributing says: 

"While MLM Distributing follows all state protocol for extracting in their lab, it doesn't make accidents completely avoidable. At this time if seems like the explosion was not something that could have been foreseen by employees. MLM is working hand-in-hand with local, state, and federal agencies on the ongoing investigation into the blast and is fully compliant all requests. MLM has also brought in counselors to talk to staff members as needed as they cope with the accident. The company is working to help the State of Washington develop improved safety protocols for the industry to help avoid any similar incidents in the future at their lab and at all others in the state."

Scott is still recovering, and doctors are optimistic for a relatively quick recovery.

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