PASCO, Wash.--130,000 tons of grapes. That's the amount being predicted. Ultimately though, everyone is at the mercy of mother nature.

At Preston Wines in Pasco, the grape harvest is already underway. In years past, a strong harvest would generate between 2.5 to 5 tons. But it's not the quantity that really worries Winemakers. It's the quality. Recent weeks of cooler temperatures and low humidity has certainly made things easier on them as they prepare to pick.

"It's perfect," says Winemaker David Harvey. Cool lights, nice warm days. Things are ripening slowly and evenly. One of the nicest Falls we've had in recent memory. Perfect."

Preston grows eight grape varietal's. Sauvignon Blanc was just harvested. Chardonnay and Merlot will soon follow. Harvey says more than 80% of the wine is attributed to the vineyard and not the winemaker.

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