Submarine park almost ready for debut

RICHLAND, Wash. -- A unique piece of naval history is over a month away from being unveiled and dedicated in Richland.

The sail from the U.S. S. Triton is on display at what will be the U.S. S. Triton Submarine Memorial Park just off George Washington Way near the Columbia River.

According to Port of Benton officials, the nearly 52 year old submarine was the first vessel to travel around the globe under water.

"We've saved part of history because most of the ship has been scrap metaled. So this is what's left of the U.S. S. Triton," explains Marv Kinney of the Port of Benton.

The sail was the only part of the original submarine to be saved. According to the port, the piece is on loan from the U.S. Navy, but they say it costs around $200,000 dollars to move the sail to its current location.

The park will be dedicated on November 10th, which will be the 52nd anniversary of when the sub was commissioned.