SunComm New Emergency Number

YAKIMA, WA - During an emergency, we can call or even text 911... but what happens when those lines are down? SunComm now has a number we can call in case of an outage. 

"So if the 911 system happens to go down or we have some kind of blurb in it, this is another number that we can take multiple calls on that we could still get first responders out in a timely manner," said Brad Coughenour, manager at SunComm.

Coughenour says Washington State has had two outages, one back in 2014 and the other in December of 2018. The most recent outage affected Yakima County for around 12 hours. Suncomm found it important to create a new number people will be able to call if another outage were to occur.

"[This will] help the residents in case of another outage because the networks run different between the two systems," said Coughenour.

So when will you need to call this number?

"If you come across an alert of some kind of TV, radio, our alert Yakima system, the other time they can use it if they happen to call 911 and for some reason the phone line rings busy," said Coughenour.

He also says this new number will get you in contact with 911 but the system will be different.

"It won't work as 911; we'll need address in many cases a 911 call will provide in many cases an address, a location, those such things. The 900 number goes back to the basic 911 service," said Coughenour.

The emergency contact number is (509) 453-9000. 

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