SUNNYSIDE, WA- J & K Dairy in Sunnyside is using worms to clean waste water. 

The President of Organix, Russ Davis said "it's so basic because it's using worms which has been processing waste for who knows how long."

The first step in the process is separating solid from liquid.

"We're catching the water as it comes out and putting it back into our system," said Davis. 

Once the water is in the system the worms get right to work.

"There's a sponge type filter and it's kept clean by the worms moving through out the system they eat small solids leave the castings behind," said Davis 

After only 4 hours in the system, out comes a light brown odorless liquid.

Davis said "in 4 hours it goes from a dairy liquid to this product so we think there is merit in this product."

After the whole process the solid waste gets turned into cow bedding, the liquid is water that can be used for farming, and the worm castings can be sold as soil. 

This is all possible because of a grant by the Washington State Conservation Commission.

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