SUNNYSIDE, WA - The Christmas parades have begun and Sunnyside is ready to show off its best.

"It's the 31st first year that we're going to be doing this," said Lindsee Curfman, event coordinator.

Every year Curfman says the parade is bigger and better. The one thing that doesn't change is the meaning behind the parade.

"It's just to bring everybody downtown and show them what our farming community is all about, and to celebrate the end of the harvest, because that's what it is, they're all still working up until they put their lights on, pretty much."

The families who started the parade still participate, says Curfman.

"That would be the Kilian family and the Friend family, they're one of the families that started this."

Carter Kilian says even though his grandfather has passed, his family has kept the tradition going.

"When he originally started he had a grape picker in there and there's not much you can do to decorate with a grape picker, so then when we were able to put this in and actually have something to tape lights to and really doll it up, he was quite impressed, so this year and every single year I've tried to do a little bit better just for him," said Kilian.

The tradition continues and after 30 years it still brings the town together just like it was intended.

"People just stop, when those lights come on and they start rolling down the street, it's just magical," said Curfman.

The parade is on Saturday, it will begin at 6:30 p.m. and as part of the festivities the market will also be going on, that starts at 2 p.m.

There's more information about the parade in the link below.

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