The Sunnyside Lions Club dedicated a bench to former Lion and City Council Member Carol Stone. The bench is dedicated on the one year anniversary of Stone's death. 

Stone devoted much of her time to helping troubled youth with projects involving painting over graffiti around Sunnyside or cleaning up parks through beautification projects. 

Lions Club President and former city council member Theresa Hancock says Stone was the most caring and selfless person she has ever met. 

"Carol put everybody first," says Hancock. "She put family first, she put city first and she certainly put country first." 

Stone made her passions very clear with everyone she met. Her daughter, Carrie Stone-Arroyo says her mom was as caring and compassionate with city projects as she was with family. 

Stone-Arroyo says, "We always respected her and loved her for the caring heart she had." 

Stone cared deeply for Sunnyside, leading a beautification project of Central Park involving the troubled youth she mentored. 

Stone's first time on city council rubbed some other members the wrong way at first. 

"We got off to a bit of a bumpy start," says Hancock. "I had been on council a little longer than her and we worked on budgets together. I explained to her what the budget was and, boy, she caught on right away. She knew exactly what was going on and we became good friends." 

Stone's husband Delbert was expected to attend the bench dedication one year after his wife died, but Delbert did not make it. Their daughter Stone-Arroyo, tells me her dad died in December of 2022. 

Stone-Arroyo says tells me her dad and 3-year-old son made a trip to the bench so her dad could see it for the first time. 

"It was an emotional time for us," says Stone-Arroyo. "He saw the bench in person and he could see how much this community really cared about my mom." 

Stone-Arroyo says the bench dedication means a lot to her and her family knowing how much her mom cared about the City of Sunnyside. 

"Seeing the bench in her memory and what it says about her being an advocate, a lion and a community member," says Stone-Arroyo. "It warmed our hearts." 

Stone-Arroyo feels her mother's commitment to making Sunnyside better by working with younger kids inspired her to pursue a career with Child Protective Services. 

Hancock tells me she is no longer on city council and is primarily the president of the Lions Club. Hancock hopes to see the progress Stone made with the younger community to improve Sunnyside continue even after she is gone.