SWAT called to assault investigation in Pasco

PASCO, WA - Local law enforcement agencies, including SWAT, responded to an assault in Pasco on Sunday Night.

Four people were detained and one was taken into custody after the Pasco Police Department was called  last night for a report of an assault to the area of 16th Ave and Court St. 

When officers received the call they were notified of fire weapons inside the residence.

The Tri-Cities SWAT Team, BOMB Squad and other law enforcement agencies from around the area assisted to the case. 

Police told the NBC Right Now team that two occupants voluntarily came out of the residence to speak with the officers.

Officers also said The SWAT Team assisted on getting the other three individuals out. 

Four Individuals were detained for investigation purposes and another individual was taken into custody under warrants.

One of the individuals involved is a woman.

The 16th Avenue and Court Street section is now open and clear. 

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