KENNEWICK, Wash.-- The Washington State Department of Transportation's annual Public Transportation Conference and Expo is in town through Wednesday.

The highlight of the conference Monday was an exciting SWAT team demonstration.  The Benton County SWAT team created a scenario where criminals had taken a group of hostages on a bus.  The team surrounded the bus and simulated disabling it and safely helping the hostages off the bus.

The SWAT team practices drills like this one as often as possible so that they'll be prepared for any dangerous situation they may encounter.  Captain Scott Child says, "The whole goal behind SWAT is to end a situation that's out of control, and we want to end it with minimum loss of life and that goes across the board.  Our main goal is to keep our community safe and protect the people we're sworn to protect."

The Transportation Conference and Expo will be in Kennewick until Wednesday.  It'll feature workshops and discussions about regional planning, the future of transportation, and climate change.


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