SELAH, Wash. - Traffic is flowing smoothly again on Interstate 82, after the Department of Transportation finished temporary repairs to the Naches River Bridge.

A truck carrying a crane took out a bridge support Tuesday.  Traffic was first reduced to one lane, then the freeway was shut down altogether so DOT could make repairs.

DOT's regional administrator says the new steel beams are just temporary, though.  A permanent fix will be drawn up, then put out for bids.

The accident moved the bridge about an inch, but DOT engineers say it's still structurally sound.

The Washington State Patrol says the driver of the semi-truck will not be cited for the accident. A WSP investigation found the crane malfunctioned.  The crane shifted on the truck's bed, then raised up and hit the bridge support.

One man was injured after a piece of the support beam came crashing down on the truck he was driving. 

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