Text message scam alarms Yakima residents

YAKIMA, WA - Several Yakima residents have received a text message scam from a person named "Stacy."

Yakima resident Jamie Morrison says, "It is concerning on kind of two levels. The first is, if it is a scam it's way too easy for them to get this information for them to use it for awful things, you know, do what they do best, those criminals. But if it's not scam and it's a real business it's not running in a legitimate way."

Morrison is not the only person who has received this message from Stacy.

"I saw that all my co workers got the text, I had a friend from Tri-Cities who got one, I had friends in lower valley and then all over Yakima," said Morrison.

The text message addresses the homeowner, then asks if they are selling their property.

Some people who have received this text message have not responded, but they have posted concerns on social media.

People who have received this text message are encouraged not to give out or confirm any information listed. 

"People should always be careful whenever they are disclosing any of their personal information and disclosing whatever personal property they own... just do that with care," said Brian Rafferty, Financial Advisor.

Local Real Estate Broker Amy Maib said they never release personal information and they will never ask for personal information over a text message.

"I just encourage them not to reach back out to that person. I think to anybody that does get this message they should just ignore it," said Maib.

If you receive a text message from "Stacy," do not reply, or confirm any of your personal information. 

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