Yakima, WA - Throughout the pandemic, the American Red Cross said people stepped up to the plate and donated blood in high numbers, but in recent weeks, donations have dropped.

People are making appointments to donate, but they aren't following through with the donation and the red cross doesn't know why. Betsy Robertson the communications director for the American Red Cross said whatever the case, they still need blood donations to continue.

"It's an essential thing that we have to make sure continues even throughout the pandemic," Robertson said.

Robertson said she thinks it may be because people are returning to work or have questions about donating blood after getting their COVID-19 vaccine. However, vaccinated people are eligible to donate.

"We're encouraging anyone whose had a vaccine or otherwise because healthy donors are really needed right now," Robertson said.

The red cross is even testing for antibodies in blood donations. A few weeks after donating, you can log into the American Red Cross Blood Donor app and see if you had any in your blood and exactly where your blood was sent. 

"Mine has gone down to Ventura, California, it's gone to Brewster, Washington and so I know that I have helped someone in those communities right here close to home," Robertson said.

Other eligibility requirements to donate blood include being at least 110 pounds and 18-years-old. Sixteen and 17-year-olds can donate too as long as they have parent permission. If you have a condition like diabetes you can still donate, so long as it is under control.

To learn more about eligibility or to make an appointment to donate blood you can visit the American Red Cross website and click on donate blood.