The United Farm Workers Union host infromational meetings on the "Blue Card"
YAKIMA, WA - If you're currently working in the agricultural industry, you'll want to read this.

A new bill could provide a way for farm workers to obtain legal status and eventually citizenship in the United States. 

The Bill "Agricultural Worker Program Act" was introduced last year and passed United States House of Representatives.

The United Farm Workers Union (UFW) is hosting informational meetings around the Yakima Valley to help people get prepared. During one of their informational meetings they broke down the steps people who file will need to take. 
The first is to make sure you meet requirements. If you want to apply you'll need to prove you've worked in the agriculture industry for at least 180 days in the past two years.

From there farm workers need to work in the industry another four to eight years to apply for residency.
"They're living in fear, families, children, farm workers, people who have contributed to our country for so many years are living in fear and they're suffering injustice at work because they're too scared to speak out and it's time that we change that," said Victoria Ruddy, pacific northwest regional director at UFW.
It's unclear when the Senate will vote on this bill.

Victoria says they have high hopes, as they've had support from both Republicans and Democrats.

For more information on who qualifies and informational meetings visit UFW on Facebook.

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