THORP, WA- An artist from Thorp is making his debut as an illustrator.

Justin Gibbens has been an artist his whole life.

Now his art his being featured in a new book about hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

Gibbens says he has always been attracted to creepy crawlers and nature. 

His in-home studio is full art work of nature with the sound of jazz music in the background. 

"To just spend an hour, two hours developing this world was a magical experience for me to disappear into my own imagination," said Gibbens. 

He says taking a moment to appreciate nature and put in a painting is almost like a time of relaxation and meditation. 

"There's something elementally about experiencing nature and truthfully it's something our ancestors had been doing for thousands of years." said Gibbens.

Over the past year he worked with the award winning novelist David Guterson from Seattle, WA. 

Gibbens says he was contacted by Guterson to look at some of his art and share some of his books with him. 

"He came over and we just spent the better part of an hour talking about our shared interests," said Gibbens. 

"He was casually looking at some of the art work and I thought this famous author is going to come and buy EVERYTHING! And he really didn't make any obvious interest in anything,"said Gibbens. 

At the end of the visit Guterson told Gibbens about the new book he was working on called “Turn Around Time: A Walking Poem for the Pacific Northwest." 

The book is a walking poem that uses hiking as a metaphor for life. 

The book has 30 of Gibbens illustrations and is available on Amazon

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