For more than 17 years, Three Rivers Lacrosse Club has made a way for kids in the Tri-Cities to learn more about the game of lacrosse and be part of a team.

Shawn Wilson has been a coach at Three Rivers Lacrosse for about eight years.

"They learn etiquette, they learn manners, they learn how to be part of a team instead of sitting in front of a T.V.," said Wilson.

They host clinics where kids can come and try their hand at the sport and practice ahead of the season.

Maycee Bowlin has been playing lacrosse for a few years after being introduced to the sport by her brother.

"We're just teaching some new people, showing them the basics and how to play the game," said Bowlin.

It's undeniable that this club is growing.

"We get more and more kids. It's not even the season, not even close right now. We got 20-30 kids out on the field right now practicing, having a good time," said Wilson.

They have more than 150 players and welcome boys grades K-8 and girls K-12.

"In all the years I've been around doing it, we've never had a kid come out to a practice or clinic that's never not come back," said Wilson.

The season starts in March, but they have three clinics coming up in January and February. The clinics will be on January 29, February 12, and February 19. 

"If you have a kid that even remotely wants to come out, have them come out to one of our clinics, you don't need anything, we'll hook you up with everything. At least let them try," said Wilson.

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