crossing guard

SELAH, WA - With the first week of school in the books for many in the area we checked in with a crossing guard.

"Good morning, so make sure you stay behind the yellow until I tell you to come across," said Kim Gonzalez, crossing guard at John Campbell Primary.

She says, "John Campbell is just down here, and John Campbell serves kindergarten, first grade and second grade."

Gonzalez has been a crossing guard at John Campbell Primary for five years.

"You have to figure that the kindergarteners who start there this is their first time actually being in school so this is, they're learning what school is all about and some of them maybe their learning walking to school, walking home from school, and that's all brand new to them so it's important for someone to be here," said Gonzalez.

For the last three years Gonzalez has been patrolling 3rd Street and Fremont Avenue.

"In this spot there is no street light and this particular street is a 20 mile per hour speed limit here," said Gonzalez.

Her tip to drivers is slow down, and think about the person crossing.

"As we all know today's children are tomorrow's future, and we don't know that a child that we cross could be our next president years down the road."

Gonzalez says she attended John Campbell and she always remembers a crossing guard on the corner of 3rd Street and Fremont Avenue.

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