Tow truck companies and law enforcement ask you to slow down, move over near accidents
KENNEWICK, WA - According to Washington State Patrol, there have been over one hundred crashes this week in the Tri-Cities alone. WSP says speed was a major factor in most of them.
Tanner Huckstep is the only driver for Clearwater Collision and Towing. He's on call 24/7.

During this time of year, he says things can get hectic.

"Sometimes people think it's not slick at all, like right now. Even just with the wet roads, it can still be very slick out there," Huckstep said.

Especially on days like Thursday. Compared to just one or two on a normal day, Huckstep says his company helped handle ten accidents.

"Just yesterday, we were out on a state patrol accident scene and a couple of cars and a semi truck came past us at 60 or 70 miles per hour and I was out there skating around the car like it was an ice skating rink," he said.

Huckstep, along with law enforcement, have one request for you all while you're behind the wheel.

"I wish people just knew to slow down. People come past accident scenes entirely too fast," he said.

And if you're able to, drive around them to give them extra space as well.
If you do get into a crash... call 911 immediately. State patrol says after that, get to the right shoulder and out of traffic.
If anyone is seriously hurt, no one should move their cars for investigation purposes.

"Sometimes the cars aren't even able to drive anywhere, so sometimes they just have to be in the middle of the road," Huckstep said. "If you can, pull it off to the shoulder. If not, you just kind of have to wait it out."

If you don't want your car towed by Huckstep this winter, remember to be patient and slow it down.

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