Toxicology report complete from December in custody investigation

BENTON COUNTY, WA - The Benton County Coroner’s Office report, autopsy, and toxicology report are complete for Mr. Casanova, following an in custody death in Benton County.

The cause of death has been determined as acute difluoroethane intoxication, resulting from “huffing” the aerosol contents of Surf Onn Electronics Duster, with a contributing factor of hypertensive heart disease. The manner of death has been determined to be accidental.

The Coroner’s Office found there were no indications of an injury to Mr. Casanova occurring during the time he was in police custody or being taken into custody, that played a role in his death. The Coroner’s report also confirmed information learned by Special Investigations Unit (SIU) investigators that the involved officers took immediate action to render aid to Mr. Casanova when he was discovered unresponsive.

SIU investigators are in the process of conducting any remaining follow up and interviews, and are preparing the case for prosecutor review.