PASCO, WA - Franklin County has entered into an agreement with HAPO Credit Union for the naming rights of the facility known as the TRAC, and the facility will now be named “The HAPO Center."

The agreement runs for a 10 year period and is valued at $1,000,000.  Franklin County says it is pleased to partner with HAPO in this endeavor, and that this is a significant contribution to the financial success of the facility, thus reducing the burden on county taxpayers.

Franklin County says it is very fortunate to have this facility in our community and appreciates the pioneering spirit, financial commitment and foresight of those who built the TRAC many years ago.  It has been a central feature in the economic progress and development of Franklin County and the City of Pasco.

The HAPO Center will continue to be owned by Franklin County, with operating support from the City of Pasco and will continue its mission of providing space for trade, recreation, agriculture and commerce events, this new partnership will create new and expanded opportunities for the region.

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