The Tri-Cities Animal Shelter is asking for donations this holiday season. Not in the form of money but kibble. The shelter would like for you to pick up a bag of dry cat or dog food when doing your holiday shopping. 

The reason being is because this year's dry cat food took a major hit because of the amount of cats in the shelter. The shelter hopes to receive the public's help and they are confident the public will lend a hand. 

"We ask a lot of our community to come and they do they step up when we need food," said Deb Sporcich the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Control Director.  "They step up when we need volunteers to help out with walking dogs and socializing with the animals transporting animals to the vet and obviously we rely on our community to adopt." 

The shelter would prefer kibble that is good quality without the first ingredient of corn and red dye because that can cause the animals to throw up. 

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