KENNEWICK, Wash. - Gas prices appear to be going down. If you want to find the cheapest gas in the Tri-Cities all you have to do is hop online.

The price of gas still may not be as cheap as you like it, but if you have a couple minutes you can save yourself some extra cents.

Here's where you need to go:

Once the page comes up you can type in your city, and check out all the different prices. It may save you twenty or thirty cents at the pump. Already some drivers and riders think the few minutes online would be worth the savings.

"Well with the price of gas as they are these days, any advantage is a plus in your pocket book," said Kim Bowen, motorcycle rider.    

KNDU took a quick survey at seven different Kennewick gas stations the price of gas was $2.99 but we heard in Richland one station was as low at $2.85 and we heard rumors one station in Pasco had gas at $2.79, the website helps put those rumors to rest.

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