RICHLAND, WA- As the United States is in the middle of a trade war with China many industries are being impacted by tariffs being put into effect. One of those industries is the bicycle industry and many bicycle shops in the Tri-Cities are feeling the effect of those tariffs.

"It's pretty hard to plan when your cost are potentially going up and down so it wasn't surprising but we are just going to try and ride it out," said Darin Warnick the owner of Greenie's.

One consumer and avid cyclist in the Tri-Cities sees the tariffs as a good thing. Tom Patton hopes they restore balance in the trade relationship between the United States and China. Although the prices of many bicycle products and accessories Patton buys are going up, Patton believes he will be fine. 

"If it goes up 25 percent it goes up 25 percent I don't care if it's made in Vietnam or Thailand instead of China to me it's not important as a consumer," said Patton. "I'am going to look for the best product I can find at the best price."  

For Greenie's their solution to combat these tariffs is to focus their attention to the services they can offer riders rather than primarily focusing on the products they sell.  

"You can't go to the internet and get a bike tuned you can come to your local bike shop and get tuned up or get a flat fixed," said Warnick. "So really trying to maximize some of those service opportunities and helping out the community that way is something we are going to focus on."

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