RICHLAND, Wash. - Having a heart transplant is a difficult experience, but one recipient said it's also hard to find people who understand what you're going through.

That's why recipient Steve Arbogast is trying to start a heart transplant support group in the Tri-Cities.

Arbogast received his transplant during the summer of 2006, at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane. He said recipients find great support at the hospital, but that changes when they go home.

"You've got people you talk to, you're in the doctors office all the time, you're in the waiting rooms, you're talking to people, but then when it's time for you to go home, you kind of get the feeling like you're all alone," said Steve Arbogast, heart transplant recipient.  

Arbogast said he hopes to create a group where recipients, and people waiting for a transplant and their families can get together for support.

The first group meeting will be November 7th at the Cathedral of Joy Church on 1153 W. Gage Boulevard in Richland.  The meeting starts at noon.

Arbogast hopes to have the same meeting the first Wednesday of every month.

For more information, call 627-1109.

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