Tri-Cities Pharmacies offer free credit monitoring services after email breach

TRI-CITIES, WA - RX Pharmacy, LTC and RX Pharmacies says their email has been hacked after detecting suspicious activity and protected health information and/or personal information has potentially been compromised. 

It was discovered that a business email may have hacked on October 6, 2020.

RXLTC (the parent company) immediately engaged a third-party forensic specialist to assist RXLTC in its analysis of any unauthorized activity. Through the investigation, it was determined that RXLTC business email accounts may have been compromised by an unauthorized third-party. 

RXLTC then completed a complete review of all of the files that could have been impacted, and to determine the scope of the breach. This review was completed on March 5, 2021, and determined that protected health information and/or personal information relating to patients was present within the email accounts that may have been compromised.

Although RXLTC found no evidence that any information has been specifically accessed for misuse however, it is possible that patients’ name, address, date of birth, medical conditions/diagnosis, medications, medical treatment information, biometric data, driver’s license number, and/or state ID number, and for some, financial account numbers, payment card numbers and/or social security numbers could have been exposed.

This information may have been located in one of the email mailboxes of the compromised accounts. A review of the activity of the unauthorized actor did not reveal any specific access to this information. RXLTC has not received any reports of related identity theft since the date that the potential compromise was initially detected.

RXLTC has mailed letters to the potentially impacted individuals, which includes information about the incident and steps potentially impacted individuals can take to monitor and protect their personal information.

The call center is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Eastern Time, and can be reached at 1-877-536-9731. In addition the company is offering complimentary credit monitoring services for 12 months through IDX to potentially impacted individuals at no cost to them.