KENNEWICK, WA - El Fat Cat, a Kennewick staple along with other local restaurant owners are taking to social media, and speaking out against the food delivery app DoorDash. 

Many of our local restaurants, like Just Joel's are opting out of the service, saying the 20% to 30% charge from the corporate app is simply too high for mom and pop business owners, and it eats away at their profit margins.

However, in spite of not working with DoorDash El Fat Cat took to social media this week to warn customers about a fake profile created in their name. 

In the Facebook post, El fat Cat writes, "We are truly sorry for the people that have tried to order today and did not get their order. We have never signed anything with DoorDash ever, and we have told them numerous times to take us off there page and they refuse to."

Later an update to the post read: "a man named Mathew Shrek, claiming he’s the owner signed a contract with DoorDash- he put his debit(card) so all the money goes to his account. DON'T ORDER!!"

We have since spoken with the owner of El Fat Cat, Jenny who tells us she has gotten in touch with DoorDash about the situation. Jenny says the company has informed her they will launch an investigation, and believes a contract with DoorDash and El fat Cat may have been forged by someone working for the app. 

Jenny also says she is planning on reaching out to a lawyer about the situation if DoorDash fails to act. 

Meanwhile Just Joel's owner, Joel Watson tells NBC Right Now it was a lot of work to get his diner off the app, and now that's it's off he has no plans to work with DoorDash ever again.

"A lot of people think if they support a small business, and they order through DoorDash that their supporting small businesses... and the reality is there’s nothing there- we don’t get no profit. They take 30% of our money," Watson said. 

Watson has a message for those looking to support local businesses. 

"If you truly want to support small businesses in our community, please go to the restaurant and do not order through a third party," he said.