KENNEWICK WA-The Tri-Cities RV Park sent it's residents a notice saying their rent would be going up starting August first, but the price increase was overwhelming for the people who live there. 

For many of the them the price hike was almost double the amount they pay right now. 

The average increase ranged from 100 to 300 dollars. 

Stewart Frye, someone who has lived there since 2003, was shocked when he saw the notice taped to his front door. 

"Double? My rent is going to double? I don't know I feel like that is a little egregious," Frye said.

Another resident devastated said he will be forced from his home if he has to pay the  new rent. 

"I'm 80 years old, I'm an army veteran, I'm on social security and Medicare, I cant afford to pay this. I don't have a home anymore they're taking my home," said Larry Bullis, another park resident. 

Many others are going to be in the same situation come August first when the rent goes up.

The problem is that most of the mobile homes in the park are over 10 years old, so other parks will not accept RV's with that old of a make.

This leaves the people who can't afford the increase with little to no options. 

Several of them are on a fixed income and simply don't have the means to pay the new amount, and have no idea where they will call home in less than two months.