Saturday was the Tri-City Rose Society's annual pruning event at Lawrence Scott Park in Kennewick---where they get roses ready for summer. The society offers its services to people all over the Tri-Cities year-round.

Harlow Young is the President of the Tri-City Rose Society. To him, roses are more than just a flower---they bring joy to his life.

"I just love the color and the variety of roses--and being retired--it gives me a hobby that I can do," said Young.

For more than 25 years, he's dedicated his time and energy to growing, pruning, and photographing roses. He funnels that passion into his work as President of the Tri-City Rose Society. The Society is made up of newer and older members with a mutual passion for the flower.

"We are a public service organization--in other words, if someone wants us to come and show them how to prune roses in their yard, we're welcome to do that," said Young.

Everything isn't coming up roses just yet---it takes a lot of work to maintain them. The group provides advice and instruction for anyone who needs it--helping people grow and maintain roses with a community alongside them.

"Certainly the benefit is being able to go out into the rose garden and pick roses and bring them inside bring solemnity and peace into the home as well," said Young.

Their annual rose show usually happens in May or June, however, this year it will be postponed until fall. You can contact the Tri-City Rose Society via Facebook for any rose-related questions.