KENNEWICK,WA- For two school years students at Tri-Tech have had the opportunity to learn about drones and drone technology. The class was created in 2018 to give students manufacturing skills that can be applied in a manufacturing workplace. 

"Our goals are to provide them the skills and opportunities to learn safety standard operating procedures, hand tools, manufacturing tools and then apply those tools to very specific aviation based projects  specifically oriented around drones," said Justin Shrack the teacher of the class.

Students start off using various simulators then they work their way up to constructing real drones.  It isn't just about flying and building drones students learn other skills that they can make money off of. 

"We are going to be mapping around the KSD area making a new map for their GPS for the fire department it's going to be really good," said Miguel Hernandez who is a student in the class. 

Even if students don't want to pursue a career in drone aviation, they have the opportunity to earn a license that allows them to commercially fly drones. For some students like Brandon Waguespack the class gives more opportunities aside from getting to fly a drone.  

"We have learned how to be a good employees how to work in a manufacturing area and be punctual and all those sort of things," said Waguespack. "This is not just a class for drones this is a class for going into the workforce."   

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