Trios hospital considered for a possible detox center location

KENNEWICK, WA - A new detox center may be in the works in the Tri-Cities. If approved and funded, the new location would turn the Trios Women's and Children's hospital in Kennewick into the Tri-Cities' only site for detox treatment. 

The first meeting for the new detox center is Tuesday at the Kennewick City Council meeting. 

Earlier this month, a local sheriff said the Tri-Cities is one the largest metropolitan areas without a detox center.

Kennewick Public Hospital District board members have been considering creating a detox facility for months.

Trios Women's and Children's hospital

With Trios's Southridge location expanding, board members say they want to move the women's and children's hospital over there.

Making trio's large downtown property open.

Leland Kerr, superintendent of the Kennewick Public Hospital District, says the new location would help provide treatment and recovery services for those in the early stages of recovery. 

"It would provide a potential for virtually every type of service that could be needed... everything from detox, both voluntarily to involuntary, to rehabilitation, to pediatric transition, for those are babies that are born addicted... there is only one other source in the state of Washington able to provide those services," Kerr said. 

Although the project is in the early stages, Kerr says after the building passed the state's inspections just a few weeks ago, it now gives them more of an opportunity to start planning. He said next steps would be to look at all possible services it could offer and costs.

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