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PACIFIC NORTHWEST - Were any of your packages delayed?

Well if they were, it was probably because of the weather conditions the Pacific Northwest has been experiencing.

UPS and truck drivers say harsh winter conditions create several challenges for them.

"We do have a job to get done even though the conditions are bad," said Rory Woodworth an independent truck driver.

Last weeks weather conditions closed down several major highways and interstates in the PNW.

Woodworth who has been driving for 27 years says this winter he experienced something he never had before.

"Driving through Wyoming this last week and this weather system was all over the West here, and that's the first time I got caught in a closed road. Where they closed the road in front of me and they closed down behind me before I had a chance to turn around and get back the other direction and take another route."

Companies like UPS say their priority is safely deliver all packages and meet their commitment to customers, but they also have to think of safety.

"We'll just have to make decisions based on those local conditions, on if we need to pause and let our drivers go back to the center and then try again the next day," said Matt O'Connor, Spokesperson for UPS.

When dealing with road closures O'Connor says they try to find alternative routes.

Woodworth agrees and says companies will even pay extra to have drivers detour and deliver the product faster.

"It does happen where they'll pay us to go back find another route through and get their product to them."

As for anyone who pays that extra fee to get their package delivered faster and doesn't, UPS says they do not reimburse customers if the delay is related to weather conditions.

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