ELLENSBURG, WA - Truck drivers in Ellensburg have been stuck for the last few days because of the pass closures.

Passes closures across the state just might cause a doctor's appointment cancelation or a flight being delayed, but for those driving commercial grade trucks, it might cost them the only resources they have.

Some have stuck in a town they are unfamiliar with for days with limited clothing and even food, because they didn't expect conditions like these.

"We took for only like 4 or 5 days like food but we had no idea that we had to stay here like longer so no we don't have any food" said Gagan Singh, Commercial Truck Driver.

"Moreover, I'm a vegetarian so it's very hard for me" said Pankaj Manan, Commercial Truck Driver.

Most of the drivers said they have never driven through a storm like this.

"No, I've never had a weather condition that I was stuck for weather for 4 or 5 days" said Keith Shulman, Commercial Truck Driver.

From his own experience, he wanted to let people know..."when the weather gets like, you know it was on Tuesday, stop" said Shulman. "Because there is no load that's on or in my trailer that's depending upon what time of trailer, I'm pulling that needs to be delivered. My life and or the lives of anyone on the road is not worth it."

Many of the stores in town, had empty shelves too.

"There's going to be some challenges to the supply chain because the department of transportation has let us know that it's likely that Snoqualmie Pass is going to be closed until Sunday" said Chris Whitsett, inspector at The Kittitas County Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's office has been asking people to lend a helping hand in the extreme conditions.

"We need people to look out for each other" said Whitsett. "We need folks to check on your neighbors, check on your loved ones, people that you know of who are in remote situations because we want to know that they have the help and support that they need"

If you know people are running low on supplies...

"Be resourceful and share if that's what it takes" said Whitsett. 

The Kittitas County Sheriff Office is asking people if they need help to reach out to to them.