Two arrested in police standoff

KENNEWICK, WA.:   The Kennewick Police Department and regional SWAT Team responded to a home after a wanted suspect barricaded himself inside.

This all started on the 100 block of East 2nd Avenue just before nine last night.

Police received calls about a wanted suspect, David Stickley that was hiding inside that house in possession of multiple firearms.

Mulitple people were inside at the time but, were able to get out safely...

The standoff continued for several hours, until non lethal force was used.

Police say Stickley has some probation violations and that they believe he's going to be booked on separate charges once he gets to the jail.

A wanted women, Heaven Rogers, was also inside the house with Stickley and was later arrested as well.

Police say the area is now open and safe for all residents.

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