WAPATO, WA- Over the last 8 years there have been 39 deadly car crashes in the Wapato, Toppenish and Harrah area. 

On Wednesday Yakima County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a crash on Lateral A Road that killed two people inside an SUV. 

Deputies says the SUV did not stop at a stop sign and was hit by a Semi. The car rolled, caught fire and trapped both people inside. 

Yesterday a similar crash happened less than a mile away. 

Deputies say both car crashes could’ve been avoided. 

Lieutenant Aaron Wuitschick with the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office said “just taking that extra time to look both ways and maybe double check and probably it could've saved some lives in both incidents.”

Lieutenant Aaron Wuitschick says there is a history of deadly crashes in the area.

“Many years ago there was a state emphasis down in this area, all the way from Yakima all the way to the goldendale area because of the number of deaths and they had gone down. but recently again it seems like they are rising,” said Lieutenant Wuitschick

In 2019 alone there was 12 deadly crashes in the area,

Lieutenant Wuitschick says taking a few more seconds to check your surroundings can save lives.

He says “it's really important for people to take that extra time and give themself a chance to get into the flow of traffic safely or get across the intersection safely.” 

In a press release YSO confirmed the cause of both of the crashes was negligent driving. 

Stating "This is the second fatal collison in the same area in two days in a row, where the drivers of the causing vehicles were at fault, because the drivers failed to either stop at a stop sign, or in this case, stop while leaving a driveway before entering the roadway as is required." 

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