10-year-old Diesel Hubble started shoveling snow for his neighbors in Richland this week and turned it into a full-blown operation in just days. He and his 7-year-old brother Raymond make up 'Two Dudes Snow Removal'

It started in their neighborhood, helping neighbors shovel their snow.

Now they say they've gone to more than 200 houses. It's a family effort.

"It started all from there and then my mom came out and helped me. Then Raymond saw my mom so he went out and then my dad got over there because he was like, 'where is everybody?'" said Hubble.

Their work is donation-based, so they accept anything from change to cookies, to a smile.

Nadine Kemp is the mom of the two dudes.

"The first day we actually made enough to buy a snow blower. And from there we got the snow blower, we got our whole family out here doing it," said Nadine. "[We're] making sure people don't fall."

They want community members to be safe and happy.

"It doesn't matter about the money, it matters about helping people," said Raymond.

But any money they do receive goes straight to a computer for homeschooling.

"We just started homeschooling. So it goes all to their homeschooling. Museum trips, right now it's a computer. Because we've got to get into math and reading right away," said Nadine.

They say this winter won't be the last time they try and do good in the community, but they will continue to find ways to help people.

"We're going to continue doing good stuff in the community," said Nadine.

You can reach the family through their Facebook page.